We ship medical equipment and supplies all over the world to support Lutheran health care systems.  Shipments often carry equipment for a new facility, enable an upgrade in services, or supplement core supplies to make healthcare accessible for the poor.  Every day, volunteers (over 2,100 a year) sort, inventory, fill orders, or even pack sea containers for shipping!


Our focus is on enhancing  our international partners' capabilities to make measurable and sustainable improvements, both in healthcare and in population health.

GHM manages diverse capacity building projects.  A few recent examples include:

  • scholarship to enhance medical professionals 

  • construction of nursing schools and other facilities

  • immersion of key leaders in "best practices" for Community-Based Primary Health Care

  • clean water and sanitation projects

  • and much more!


Upon request, our consulting arm, "Global Health Administration Partners (GHAP)," offers consultants to enhance practices in governance, leadership and management.  In 2016 GHAP is working in Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, Nigeria and Tanzania.  Together we strive to help sustain health practices for future generations.