Occasionally, we have a surplus of medical supplies and equipment in our warehouse available for travelers and related mission organizations going overseas. Pack an extra suitcase to take with you full of these items! GHM offers this surplus with the understanding that these items will be given as a free gift, and that these items will enhance local healthcare in countries around the world. Check out these guidelines to learn more about the approval process.


Note: GHM does NOT collect or ship medications. Our focus is medical supplies, equipment, and furnishings.

Request Process

  1. Receive list of medical items with priorities and quantity needed from your partner(s) overseas.

  2. Download the GHM Suitcase Request Form (doc) 

  3. Download the GHM Suitcase Catalog (xls). These are the items available via suitcase ministry.

  4. Complete both forms and return to Scott Lien at

  5. Allow up to two (2) weeks for review and process.


In order to continue this ministry of healing and hope for the world's poor, Global Health Ministries asks that the traveler and/or US-based organization contribute one, OR more, of the following:

  • Time gift. Please join us in the warehouse as a volunteer, sorting medical supplies and related items in preparation for shipments overseas.

  • In-kind gift. Help us collect donated medical supplies like gloves, dressings, syringes, needles, suture, and more. This will restock our shelves for the next traveler and/or shipment overseas.

  • Financial gift. Suggested donation amount is $100 per suitcase.

If you have any questions about the GHM Suitcase Ministry, the request process or payment, please call the GHM Office at 763-586-9590 and ask for Scott Lien. Thank you and happy travels!