Global Health Ministries is an organization networking people from all over the globe who feel called by God to continue the healing work of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to partner with Lutheran efforts globally to bring medical equipment and supplies, offer leadership consultations, and many capacity building efforts to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of some of the most vulnerable people on earth. Now in our 30th year, we have long-standing partnerships in El Salvador, Liberia, Nigeria, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, India, and Bangladesh. 


WE BELIEVE God is calling us to ensure that Lutheran healing ministries are sustained in countries deeply challenged by poverty.


WE BELIEVE these ministries are tangible expressions of God’s grace for all people.


WE PARTNER to help ensure that vulnerable people have access to quality health care.


WE ARE mostly volunteers…

                 Many of us served in another country as missionaries. 

                 Many of us have never served outside the USA.

                 Many of us are old.

                 Many of us are young.

                 Many of us have medical training.

                 Many of us have never learned medicine. 

                 Many of us are Lutheran.

                 Many of us have never been Lutheran.


TOGETHER we are stronger than any one of us. Together we help the hands that heal.


TOGETHER we ask you to join us…in prayer, in service, and in giving.