Why Zimbabwe?  The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe made an urgent plea to GHM in 2008.  Rapid economic decline across the country since 2000 meant the cost of bread and maize continued to increase so rapidly that people couldn’t feed their families, shelves at the four Lutheran hospitals were empty, patients went without basic care for want of supplies, a cholera epidemic was spreading throughout the region, and none of the Lutheran Hospitals had running water.  Today, our partnership in Zimbabwe focuses on equipping those struggling hospitals by filling their empty shelves, providing them with the supplies and equipment they so urgently need.  Learn more about Zimbabwe.



In partnership with ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) Global Missions, GHM sends a 40' container to Zimbabwe every year, sometimes twice per year, in support of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Zimbabwe (ELCZ).

In addition to urgently needed medical equipment and supplies, most shipments to Zimbabwe contain many Newborn Kits for young women who come to the Lutheran compounds for prenatal care and to deliver their babies. 


Four Lutheran hospitals in Zimbabwe - Mnene, Musume, Manama and Masase – count on GHM to help meet their needs with regular shipments.  Our steadfast partnership not only provides material goods but also encourages and strengthens them for their work.

Community-based palliative care is an outreach program of the ELCZ, and they are grateful to receive GHM Hospice Kits to support their work. 


Mothers receiving Newborn Kits in Zimbabwe. For more images in Zimbabwe, visit the media gallery.