Why Tanzania?  Deep relationships between Lutheran missionaries in Tanzania and some 6.5 million Lutherans have created many long-term relationships between GHM and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.  Looking back over decades of partnership Dr. Steve Friberg (ELCA missionary in Tanzania) recently said, “GHM was part of the economy of God to help us survive!”  GHM partners with hospitals, clinics, and primary healthcare efforts, large and small, across the nation.  Learn more about Tanzania.

Project Highlight: Selian Hospice




In May 2015 a team (including 6 bio-meds) from the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth (SCL), Denver-Area Hospitals arrived to help unpack boxes and crates from GHM and to assist staff with installation and training on new equipment for Arusha Lutheran Medical Center and Selian Hospital.

For 27 years, GHM has shipped medical equipment, supplies, and furnishings to our partners in the Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT).  Over $8,000,000 in materials has supported many of the ELCT’s 20 hospitals, and literally hundreds of health centers, clinics, and dispensaries Evangelical.

GHM focuses on capacity building through a wide range of projects including: Educational scholarships for MDs, radiologists, nurses, and other specialists; an ELCT wide palliative care program; Maasai solar energy; hospital-wide surge protection; equipment installation and training; OB/GYN residency program; renovation of 14 Maasai dispensaries; and much more!

Often a single donor, congregation or companion synod has been able to partner with GHM to make a project possible that enhances the ELCT for generations.  

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GHAP has been working in Tanzania since 2008, currently working in 4 different Dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT). We’ve mentored leaders, taught Community Health Workers and connected them with local health institutions and assessed the clinical care, management and physical structures of dispensaries. In addition to those ongoing projects, we will be launching STET strategic planning project and management team training in 2016.

For more information on GHAP's work in Tanzania, go here.