Attacks by Boko Haram have impacted Nigerians working with GHM and complicated work in some villages served by our community-based primary health care project.  Yet, our Nigerian partners continue their efforts and reflect the unconditional love of Christ. We invite your prayers for their safety and for peace in this nation.



Why Nigeria?  This is home for one of the largest Lutheran churches in Africa, the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN). GHM has partnered with the LCCN for almost 20 years, providing scholarships for nursing students and funding for wells in the early years.  Since 2009 GHM’s focus in Nigeria has gradually become more comprehensive, focusing on improving the health of whole populations through community-based efforts.  Clean water initiatives include identifying a local “champion” in the village to follow-up with pump repair and maintenance.  Women’s groups distribute treated bed nets and educate about their proper use, offer training on covered latrines and more.  Such community-based prevention methods can reduce the incidence of malaria by 50%.  In 2015, GHM brought the CEO of the LCCN Health Board and many of its other leaders to Jamkhed, India for an immersion experience in one of the world’s leading models of community-based primary health care.  Get an inspiring glimpse at the Jamkhed model with this photo journalLearn more about Nigeria.




GHM most recently shipped well drilling equipment for water projects in Nigeria, as well as needed items for several rural dispensaries. 

In 2016 GHM plans to ship medical equipment and supplies to help “launch” the newly constructed Demsa Health  Centre. 

This picture is from a well project in Kubi Village, Nigeria. For more photos on GHM's work in providing safe water in Nigeria, visit our media gallery.

Construction continues at Demsa Health Centre, a joint project of GHM, Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry and the Minneapolis Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).  Expansion and renovation at Demsa will provide a teaching center for the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (LCCN), as well as a referral center with treatment facilities for advanced levels of care such as an operating theater, ambulance, and facilities for patients and families.

The health system of the LCCN uses clinics (dispensaries) to serve villages in remote areas.  Most are only 30% functional.  GHM persists in renovating and equipping these rural clinics so they may have the capacity to provide health care in underserved areas. 

An exciting community-based initiative in the Adamawa State of Northeastern Nigeria includes mobile health teams, training of village health workers, extensive well and clean water projects and malaria prevention through women’s groups in local villages.  This initiative is equipping village members to teach and promote wellness and help people access vaccines, clean water, and basic treatment for illness.  What began as a pilot project is now expanding, adapting lessons learned in Jamkhed, India.

In January, 2015, a team of two GHAP consultants traveled to Nigeria to consult with the LCCN health board and management team on issues of leadership and financial management.  The Community-Based Primary Health Care Development Program is growing, improving health and lives in villages and generating good will for the Church, but also requiring more resources, as is renovation of the dispensary system.  GHAP is tasked with assisting them in identifying opportunities for becoming increasingly self-sustaining.

For more information and links on GHAP projects in Nigeria, visit the GHAP Nigeria page here.