Why Madagascar?  GHM traces its origin to medical missionaries returning from Madagascar.  As they sought ways to send urgently needed supplies to a vulnerable healthcare system the idea for GHM was born.  Today the Malagasy Lutheran Health Department (SALFA) is one of the largest Lutheran Healthcare Systems in the world.  It represents one of our most significant partnerships in terms of funding, the array of programs we support, and the depth of collaborative relationships.  Learn more about Madagascar.






The timing of renewed shipments to Ejeda and Manambaro Hospitals could not be more strategic.  GHM has equipment headed for these hospitals in 2015 to empower a new beginning and upgrade in services that can be offered.


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AVIA is a GHM sponsored NGO, which facilitates and trains leaders of community-based primary healthcare in southern Madagascar.  AVIA’s goal is both to strengthen SALFA and to improve community health through community-based education, prevention, and early diagnosis. Often AVIA’s work mobilizes communities to act in ways that prevent disease.  In 2014 the introduction of toilet usage was successful in 56 villages. Of these, 36 became “Open Defecation Free” zones.  Bible School students, catechists, village health workers, and rural clinic staff are all among the community members being trained by AVIA!

A family fund empowered GHM to sponsor the construction of a Nursing School for SALFA.  Completed in 2011, this school boasts 100 nursing students in 2015, gaining professional skills to bring care across the island nation!  These nurses are also people of faith who understand their work as a witness to the love of Christ. 

Manambaro and Ejeda Hospitals are the two Lutheran hospitals that serve the most vulnerable populations in Madagascar.  GHM is seeking partnerships to renovate and rejuvenate these hospitals and their outreach programs.  View an in-person video of the new leadership in 2015 of Manambaro Lutheran Hospital in Southeastern Madagascar, Drs. Heuric and Mireille Rakotomalala.  They share immediate hopes and needs for restoring Manambaro Hospital.

Since 2009 the Malagasy Lutheran Church’s Health Department (SALFA) has been the subject of extensive consultation and support through GHAP.  The main objective has been financial sustainability by building SALFA’s capacity to manage a drug distribution program for the church’s hospitals and many health centers, which is competitive with commercial vendors.  SALFA’s CEO, Dr. Gustave Randrianandraina, died unexpectedly in 2015 and we continue to hold his family and friends in prayer.  The interim CEO, Dr. Sahondra Rasoarimanana, is providing excellent leadership and the future looks quite promising.