Why Liberia?  GHM has partnered with the Lutheran Church in Liberia through two civil wars that devastated the country, leaving their economy and infrastructure in ruins.  Our focus has been on rebuilding and supporting Phebe and Curran Hospitals, both of which suffered severe damage during the war.  Learn more about Liberia.






More than 30 GHM containers of medical equipment and supplies have been shipped to Liberia since 1989. 

During the recent Ebola crisis, two airfreight shipments sent personal protection equipment for health workers.  Malnourishment has been a long-term health issue, but the Ebola crisis made this worse.  GHM responded with emergency food supplies to Liberia included on several recent shipments.


GHM's most recent shipment to Liberia (September 2015) included solar equipment for 14 rural Bong County clinics. Phebe Hospital is the referral hospital for these clinics.

In response to the Ebola crisis, the Liberian government has designated five regional health centers to combat future outbreaks of disease.  Phebe Hospital has been named one of those health centers.  Our continued support will be critical as Phebe prepares to provide the services required to serve in this capacity.

Curran Lutheran Hospital's Mobile Clinics regularly bring health care and also health education to villages in more remote areas of Lofa County.  Curran’s outreach programs, like Phebe’s in Bong County, played a critical role educating to change social behavior during the Ebola crisis.  This was a huge success story as people discovered what they could do to prevent the spread of the disease.  Watch this video for an up close perspective on the Ebola crisis.

GHAP had an initial consultation planned with the Christian Healthcare Association of Liberia in 2014.  Unfortunately the Ebola outbreak forced the postponement of that consultation.  The Ebola situation has much improved, but remains a risk in mid-2015. Read more about GHAP in Liberia here.

Collecting water for their family's use near Phebe Hospital, Liberia. For more photos in Liberia, visit our media gallery.