GHM currently partners with the Northern Evangelical Lutheran Church in India to enhance and sustain the important work of Parkijuli Christian Hospital in Assam, India. 

Why India?  Development in India has been uneven, with hundreds of millions of people still living in poverty.  The NELC has expressed interest in working more closely with GHM to enhance and sustain their health ministries, which include two hospitals, some health centers and community health programs. One of those hospitals, Parkijuli Christian Hospital, is located near the border with Bhutan, and is the only hospital in this part of the state of Assam.  Parkijuli admits more than 5,000 people every year.  Their mission is “to serve the poor and medically underserved of northeast India with quality and compassionate care, regardless of race, religion, or national origin.”  Without Parkijuli, many of those people would receive no care at all. Learn more about India.




Material support for Parkijuli has often been sent through GHM’s Suitcase Ministry.  Good stewardship makes it important for GHM to compare purchase and shipping costs from the USA to the cost of purchasing materials locally.  In India, most medical supplies and equipment can be purchased inexpensively, so we have yet to ship a sea container to India.

Parkijuli Hospital, Assam, India after a new surgical suite was added. For more photos of our work in India, visit the media gallery.


Not too many years ago, surgeries at Parkijuli were performed under a hanging light bulb or, when the electricity went out, by flashlight.  Today there are surgical lights, and generators for back up. A working water pump sent by GHM provides running water for the hospital.  Zion Lutheran in Litchfield, Minnesota recently donated funds for the anesthesia gas machine needed in the OR.  We anticipate learning of new ways we can support Parkijuli from GHM-affiliated travelers who will be there in January, 2016.

Mohulpahari and Parkijuli Hospitals both have community health programs that provide health education at the village level, as well as malaria prevention through the distribution of bed nets.  Parkjuli is also a government TB testing site.  These initiatives help prevent disease and improve community health.


GHAP consultants have consulted with 2 hospitals in India. In one location, the hospital restructured its governance and leadership. In the second location, GHAP consultants recommended clarification of governance.

For more information on GHAP in India, go here.