Why Ethiopia?  GHM partners with the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY) to support a remote central Ethiopian mission hospital in the city of Aira. In the morning, a hundred people are lined up at the front gate, waiting to be treated. Some of them have walked for hours or days to Aira, a small town in western Ethiopia, to be treated by the dedicated staff. They serve thousands of patients per year, providing surgical services otherwise unavailable, with as many as 250 outpatient visits per day and 80 in-patient beds. All this is done with dated equipment that sometimes functions only with the assistance of jerry-rigging and prayers.  Aira Hospital is one of only a few full-service hospitals between Khartoum and Addis Ababa. Learn more about Ethiopia.




Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd and Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church in Minneapolis partnered with GHM in 2012 to provide a complete refurbishment of the hospital's surgical suite. In 2015 they are renewing relationships in Aira.

GHM’s Suitcase Ministry has continued to send items to Aira, particularly to the Aira Midwifery and Nursing School, which has received textbooks and mannequins for training purposes.


GHM provides scholarship funds and teacher salary support to Aira Midwifery and Nursing School, to help address the extreme shortage of trained health workers in Ethiopia.  It’s estimated there are fewer than 3 trained midwives or nurses to serve 10,000 people in that country.  The need is particularly great in rural areas.

Aira Midwifery and Nursing School equips nurses for medical service in remote, poverty-stricken areas.  Curriculum includes training in preventive healthcare, particularly prevention and early detection of cervical cancer and also breast cancer. 


GHAP’s second consultation with Aira Hospital leadership is focused on management team training, and working with colleagues on issues identified earlier.  Watch this video to see more about GHAP's first trip.

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