Why Cameroon?  GHM has been sought out as a partner by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cameroon (EELC, or l’Église Évangélique Luthérienne au Cameroun).  For over 25 years GHM has partnered with the health system of the EELC, Oeuvre de Santé de l’Église Évangélique Luthérienne au Cameroun (OSEELC), which currently includes: three hospitals, 15 rural health centers, an eye clinic and dental clinic that serve people in largely rural areas of north central/northeast Cameroon.  


In 2015, Cameroon became a relatively safe haven for people escaping violence in neighboring countries.  More than 100,000 refugees from the Central African Republic have entered Cameroon and thousands of Nigerians fleeing attacks by Boko Haram have escaped across the northern borders.  Boko Haram’s attacks have extended into northern Cameroon itself, sending people south to Ngaoundéré Protestant Hospital for care.  Many of the refugees, particularly children, are suffering from severe malnutrition. Learn more about Cameroon.




GHM has sent more than 40 containers to Cameroon since 1988.  Most recently we have sent surgical instruments and equipment for a new surgery suite at Ngaoundéré Protestant Hospital. 

Our next shipment, which will include oxygen concentrators as well as hospital beds and a cautery machine, will continue to enhance and equip this new OR.  Items for Emmanuel Health Center in Central African Republic will be included in these containers as well, to be sent from Garoua Boulai across the border to Emmanuel.

GHM celebrates the expansion of the OR at Ngaoundéré Protestant Hospital! Surgical services rarely available in Cameroon, such as arthroscopy for knee and joint surgery, are now available at Ngaoundéré. Cameroon Healthcare Development Program (CHDP) spearheaded this project which was completed in partnership with GHM and the healthcare system of the Lutheran Church in Cameroon. See more photos in the media gallery

GHAP has been working with the Health System of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (OSEELC) since 2008. The work has helped the flagship hospital, Ngaoundéré Protestant Hospital, move from a monthly income of 28,000,000 CFA to 96,000,000 CFA. GHAP’s current consultation at Ngaoundéré focuses on developing financial statements and monitoring progress to achieve and maintain a positive margin from operations. Read more about GHAP in Cameroon here.

Watch a video about GHAP in Cameroon here.