Why Bangladesh?  God brings vision and opportunity together all the time, and the story of Steve and Nancy Laible in Bangladesh is such a story.  Newly retired, the Laibles traveled to offer short-term service in a remote area of northwest Bangladesh close to LAMB (Lutheran Aid to Medicine in Bangladesh) Hospital.  Once there, they identified a deep need for children to have access to education.  Twelve years later 200+ children are attending “Livingstone School,” where fees are heavily subsidized or altogether waived for the poor.  Steve and Nancy Laible in partnership with their church, Nativity Lutheran in St. Anthony Village, Minnesota, have become the champions of this project.  Health education is fully integrated into the school curriculum.  Learn more about Bangladesh.




GHM has sent numerous shipments of supplies and medical equipment to LAMB (Lutheran Aid to Medicine in Bangladesh) Hospital in Bangladesh.  The relatively strong financial position of LAMB Hospital and the availability of many healthcare supplies in country has led to more local sourcing and fewer shipments. More recently, first aid kits have also been sent for village volunteers who participated in basic first aid and disease prevention training, and then took their new skills back to their communities.

A grant from US Agency for International Development (USAID) made the secondary school expansion at Livingstone School possible.  This expansion builds the capacity of Livingstone School to serve older children, creating access to education and opportunity. Part of the focus of Livingston School is curricula that include health education.  Early formation of healthy habits can improve the health of communities, with the children leading and becoming tomorrow’s adults!

Livingstone School Bangladesh completed the first floor expansion and are continuing work on the second floor! Pictured above is the progress of the school as of January 2016. For more photos of our partners in Bangladesh, visit the media gallery.