The SEED-SCALE model operates on four fundamental principles: 

  • Build From local Success

  • 3-Way Partnerships (community, supportive government/society & outside expertise as needed)

  • Evidence-Based Decision-Making

  • Behavior Change is the goal

For a more complete understanding of SEED-SCALE please refer to:

A comprehensive self-instructional website is available at

Additional examples can be found on the websites: &

The definitive book on SEED-SCALE is: 

Empowerment on an Unstable Planet: From Seeds of Human Energy to a Scale of Global Change - Daniel C. Taylor, Carl E. Taylor, Jesse O. Taylor (New York & Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011)

GHM is using a research-based development model called SEED-SCALE developed by Future Generations to enable and empower communities to take ownership of their own health and development.