The Story of Ebola

This animation—produced by Global Health Media Project, in collaboration with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, UNICEF, and Yoni Goodman—brings to life key messages that help people see and understand how Ebola spreads and how to protect themselves and their communities.

Respectful Maternity Care

These videos are produced by Medical Aid Films, which uses the "transformational power of film and animation to empower health workers and communities with life-saving knowledge and skills, to improve the lives of women and children around the world." Check out this link to see all of their informational videos about maternal health that are especially useful for community health workers.

Newborn Care Video Project

Global Health Media Project also did a series on newborn care. This video, "Newborn Care: Danger Signs in Newborns, for health workers" is among many that are part of their initiative to address the high rate of newborn mortality. The videos range from learning skills to solving problems, as well as special care situations. Check out this link to see all of the videos.