Manambaro and Ejeda Hospitals are the two Lutheran hospitals that serve two very vulnerable populations in Madagascar.  For years, Ejeda has been a surgical hospital without an x-ray machine.  For that, patients have to go to Tulear, 237 km (almost 150 miles) away.  They won’t have to wait much longer as a shipping container left GHM for Ejeda at the end of December, 2018, carrying a portable digital x-ray machine provided by GHM in collaboration with Doctors for Madagascar, a steam autoclave, and much more.


Manambaro Hospital has an x-ray machine, received when GHM’s last container shipment reached Madagascar, but so much more is needed.  A second container left GHM for Madagascar in January, 2019, bound for Manambaro and filled with patient monitors, IV poles, mattresses, exam tables, a patient gurney, basic supplies like gloves and dressings … so many things, big and small but all vitally important, to help the hands that heal.


A family fund empowered GHM to sponsor the construction of a Nursing School for SALFA.  Completed in 2011, this school has graduated more than 480 nurses, midwives and lab technicians who are now working all across the island nation, bringing professional skill to serve people in a country where there are simply not enough trained health workers.   These nurses are people of faith who understand their work as a witness to the love of Christ. 


Beyond purely clinical settings, SALFA is developing leaders of community-based primary healthcare, inspired by a model developed with GHM in southern Madagascar.  In 2020 the first class of community health nurses will be sent to rural clinics to begin mobilizing communities to prevent disease and participate in grass-roots efforts in primary health care, with special attention to maternal and child health.

A three-year GHAP consultation is providing executive coaching and mentoring to the CEO of SALFA, the healthcare system of the Lutheran Church in Madagascar.  The consultation was initiated by Dr. Sahondra, who asked for administrative consulting assistance for SALFA when she assumed leadership in 2017.  As SALFA’s CEO, she is responsible for 9 hospitals and more than 40 additional health centers across the country.


Another GHAP consultation is underway in Madagascar, assisting SEFAM, the Lutheran School of Nursing, in developing and implementing a Community Health Nurse certificate program.