Hands-on projects are a great way to support GHM’s mission and make a difference in the world. By gathering needed items, assembling into kits, rolling cloth bandages, quilting, sewing, knitting, you can help the hands that heal in a very real, immediate way. Once delivered to GHM’s warehouse in Fridley, Minnesota, these projects are sent overseas by container along with other supplies and medical equipment requested by our partners.


Want to print off handouts for these projects to share with your group or make available at your congregation? Visit our Brochures page!


Financial contributions to GHM’s Shipping Fund help send these precious items overseas.


Newborn Kits

Newborn Kits help mothers celebrate the birth of their child, and provide needed items to welcome their baby into the world.  Healthcare workers who distribute these kits also use them to encourage women to seek prenatal care, offering them as gifts if a mother visits a clinic before delivery, or chooses to deliver her baby at a health facility.


Prenatal visits provide opportunities to monitor the health of the mother and developing child and to share information about nutrition, immunizations and how to care for a newborn.


GHM has shipped almost 300,000 Newborn Kits overseas to partners in Tanzania, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Madagascar and other countries where infant and maternal mortality rates are still heartbreakingly high.


Instructions for Newborn Kits


Instructions for T-shirt Diapers


Instructions for Pinless Diapers


Instructions for Baby Caps


Hospice Kits

Hospice Kits provide comfort and needed supplies for someone who is suffering from HIV/AIDS, cancer, or other devastating illness.  Kits are distributed by palliative care providers through Lutheran hospice programs that reach into villages in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Liberia and Cameroon.


GHM is proud to have been a founding supporter of home hospice programs in Tanzania, responding to the growing HIV/AIDS crisis early by supporting programs to train pastors and congregation members to serve on visitation teams.  Those early programs were bold expressions of God’s grace in the face of deep discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS and their families.  Palliative care remains an important ministry of the Lutheran Church overseas.


Hospice Kits help empower volunteers and medical professionals to connect with patients, opening an opportunity to encourage them to seek treatment, bring pain medication to alleviate their suffering, and provide a referral and even transportation to a hospital when needed.



Instructions for Hospice Kits

Rolled Bandages

Mission hospitals and clinics often lack even the most basic supplies. Many health facilities have limited access to clean, affordable bandages, an item they use every day as they care for patients.


Simple rolled bandages can be made from used white cotton or cotton-blend bed sheets (we ask for white only because white is most suitable for wound care).

Linens are also requested by our overseas partners. Twin-size flat sheets, blankets, regular-size bath towels and washcloths are always needed by mission hospitals and clinics. Clean, gently-used linens as well as new are welcome.


Instructions for Using Bandage-Rolling Machine

  • Pre-wash material

  • Cut or rip into strips, two to four inches wide and ideally about 6 feet long

  • If using more than one strip, sew strips together end to end for a continuous roll.

  • Bandages can also be made from just one strip the length of a bed sheet.

  • Assemble strips into rolls about one to two inches in diameter. Roll tightly and evenly and pull or cut off loose threads.

  • Secure each bandage with masking tape to keep from unrolling.


Baby Blankets and Quilts

Knit and crocheted baby blankets are always needed by our overseas partners for their maternity wards, or to share with new moms who are grateful to receive them.  Baby blankets can be made from cotton or acrylic yarn (wool is too warm for most mission hospital locations, and can irritate sensitive newborn skin).  The finished size should be approximately 30 x 30 inches.


Quilters are invited to share their gifts with Lutheran mission hospitals and clinics overseas.  GHM includes quilts whenever possible when sending a container overseas.  Quilts and blankets are lovingly wrapped around precious medical equipment to help protect it in shipping, and then given to the mission hospital for use with their patients, many of whom have no covering for comfort and warmth.