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Who actually facilitates the experience?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You have two options:

1. Request that a “Global Poverty Experience Kit” be sent to you for use on a certain date. If a kit is available, it will be sent to you for your organization to coordinate and facilitate with consultation from GHM staff. You are then responsible for returning everything in the kit within a week of completing your experience at your expense. A usage fee of $___ is requested to cover shipping and handling costs. The kit contains the basic supplies needed to facilitate the experience but extra decorations and supplies would need to be supplied by your organization if you want to use them.


2. Request that a staff member from Global Health Ministries join your group to facilitate the experience. If you choose this option, they are able to bring some of the extra supplies that you would have to provide otherwise. A donation is requested to Global Health Ministries to cover expenses.