Explore GHM through these videos and learn about our partners and mission through Shipping, Building Capacity and Consulting.  You can also get connected with medical training videos that are especially useful for our partners overseas.

Set Apart 25th Anniversary of GHM

A beautiful film that captures the history of Global Health Ministries. Twenty-five years of enhancing health care programs of Lutheran Churches in other countries. God has indeed set us apart, and called each of us to this vital ministry. Come join us in another twenty-five years serving faithfully along our brothers and sisters around the world. Helping the Hands that Heal!


Arrival Day!

Ever wonder why ship what we do? This video explains the needs assessment process and celebrates what the arrival of container from GHM looks like for our partners overseas.


Loading Day

GHM volunteers will gather, sort, repair, catalog, pack and ship items ranging from needles, syringes and bandages to incubators, computers, ultra sound and operating tables as donations to 24 hospitals. The cost of sending one 8 by 8 by 20 foot container is approximately $12,000. Many suitcases filled with medical supplies for mission teams will be packed as well. Learn about how to get involved in packing a container on our Volunteer page!

Dental Missions

Global Health Ministries is a volunteer-based non-profit Christian organization. Our mission is to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by enhancing healthcare programs of Lutheran Churches around the world. Come join us in this vital ministry and help bring healing and hope to world's poor in the name of Jesus! For more infomation on our Dental Ministry, go here.



Global Poverty Experience

GHAP partners with Empower Tanzania and Maasai communities in the Same District of Tanzania to improve community health services.


Emmanuel - God With Us (A ray of hope in a forgotton land)

Travel to Emmanuel Health Centre and see firsthand the ministry of hope and healing in the Gallo region of Central African Republic. Emmanuel is a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Central African Republic, and is supported by Global Health Ministries, Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry, Eastern and Western North Dakota Synods, TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod, ELCA Global Missions, and other partners. Come, join us, and make a difference!

El Salvador Village Health Development Program October 2015

Greetings and report from Rev. Concepción Marina Angel, Coordinator of health programs for the Lutheran Church of El Salvador, regarding the village health promoter program now in its fifth year of support from Global Health Ministries.

AVIA (Anosy Villages Integrated Actions) Development Program

The Lutheran Church in Madagascar operates one of the largest health care systems supported by Global Health Ministries: 8 hospitals, 22 health centers and 14 clinics. GHM finances numerous project and all shipments of medical supplies and equipment to Madagascar in collaboration with SOA (Salfa Overseas Assistance), with total annual grants and allocations averaging nearly $130,000 over each of the last five years for such projects as Rural Clinic Support, SEFAM (School of Nursing), Continuing Education and Residencies, Pharmacotherapy services for the mentally ill, purchase of equipment and vehicles.


GHAP in Cameroon

See what OSEELC has accomplished over the past 3 years with help from GHAP consultants.

Ngaoundéré Protestant Hospital

GHAP's 2015 consultation and story of patient, Jean Pierre.

GHAP Journey to Aira

Take a journey with GHAP to Aira Hospital in Ethiopia.

GHAP in Madagascar

John Carrico knew he would eventually get involved in a medical mission somewhere in the world. It was only a matter of time for the right opportunity to come along. That time came last fall when he accepted an invitation to volunteer his supply chain expertise to a large health care organization in Madagascar.

As Systems Director of Supply Chain Operations at Fairview Health Services, John had finally found a perfect opportunity. Or, one could say, the opportunity found him. The call came from Experienced Resources President and CEO, Mary Christensen. Experienced Resources' relationship with Global Health Administration Partners (GHAP) enables Mary to recruit health care leaders like John who want to volunteer their administrative specialties to health care providers around the world.

GHAP Visit to Nigeria January 2014

Trip to Nigeria, particularly Jimeta/Yola, Numan and Pella. Spent one night in Abuja, and the remaining time on the eastern side of Nigeria in Adamawa State. Sponsored by Global Health Ministries to work with LCCN Health Board and Health Services to assess their operations. Visited sister church to St. Paul-Reformation Lutheran: LCCN Church #1 - Pella.

Mama Maria's Story

GHAP partners with Empower Tanzania and Maasai communities in the Same District of Tanzania to improve community health services.

Update from South Sudan