GHAP has been working in Tanzania since 2008, currently working in 4 different Dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT). We’ve mentored leaders, taught CHWs and connected them with local health institutions, and we’ve assessed the clinical care, management and physical structures of dispensaries. In addition to those ongoing projects, will be launch strategic planning and management team training in 2016.

Central Diocese Project:

Dispensaries: Improving Care in the Central Diocese



Iringa Diocese Projects:

Ilula Lutheran Hospital:

Early Work in Tanzania

MHA Students at University of Minnesota traveled to Ilula

My Chance to Make a Difference

Dispensaries: Challenges for Tanzanians
Iringa Diocese Medical Conference for all Southern Zone Hospitals

Meru Diocese Project:

KCMC: Cancer Care Center


Pare Diocese Project:

Praying for Help in Same, Tanzania
Community Hospital Alliance Program (CHAP) is Underway in Same
CHAP Update 2015
Mama Maria's Story (video of CHAP)
CHAP in Tanzania villages


Tanzania Profile Page

Dr. Magdeline Aagard teaching CHWs to use a fetascope