GHAP had an initial consultation planned with the Christian Healthcare Association of Liberia in 2014. Unfortunately the Ebola outbreak forced the postponement of that consultation. The Ebola situation has much improved, but remains a risk in mid-2015. Please pray for the people of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea as they try to contain this deadly virus. The map at right is from Sept 2, 2015. In that report, there have been no new cases in Liberia since the week of July 12. There was one new case in Sierre Leone and 2 in Guinea. As of Sept 2, 2015, 4,806 people have died from confirmed, probable or suspected cases of Ebola in Liberia.



The Ebola Epidemic in Liberia (pdf slide deck presented at GHM 2014 Conference by Dr Paul Mertens)


Transcript Ebola Dr Fallah and Relief Groups (pdf)


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