I have been at GHM since 2016, starting as a volunteer before joining the staff on July 1st.  I have no background in Mission work, but once here it became my work.  All you can think about here is how much good you can do for others…just by doing the best job that you can do. 


It’s always great to see the reaction from people when you tell them about Global Health Ministries.  “Yes we do all that…”


I don’t volunteer much outside of GHM, because I’d just as soon spend an extra hour or two here to complete a task now than carry it over to the next day or week.  But when someone asks, I am there for them. 


When asked about my favorite food, I would say it is GOOD food.  The weirdest?  When you’re in cattle country, you have to try Rocky Mountain Oysters, and when you’re on the coast it’s Calamari.  I haven’t left the country to try anything much weirder than that. 


As far as a favorite Bible verse.  The book is just too full I think for anyone to have a favorite. There are favorites for every phase of life. 

Don seaburg

supply chain assistant