Consider giving gifts this year that warm the heart, and inspire change.


Alternative Gifts are gifts from the heart, sharing something you're passionate about in honor of someone special to you. GHM's alternative gifts help the hands that heal by supporting our work overseas. Choose an item that is especially meaningful to you, make a donation to GHM in the amount noted for the item (you can choose “Alternative Gift” in the Designation dropdown menu on the Donate page), and print out the card to present to the person who will receive your gift, or let us know (see Contact Us) and we will mail a card to him or her. The card will share the story of your gift, and the impact it will have for someone on the other side of the world.

You can download printable pdf documents of cards related to the gifts above, or contact us if you would like the card mailed to you or the person in whose honor the gift was made.


Band aids



Nursing Education

Bed Net to Prevent Malaria card

Nursing Scholarships

First Aid Kits

Bed Net to prevent Malaria

Sleeping under a treated bed net offers protection from malaria, a life-threatening illness caused by the bite of an infected mosquito. Village health workers in countries like Nigeria and El Salvador distribute these nets along with information about their use and how to reduce standing water where mosquitos breed. Your gift empowers them to help prevent malaria.