I officially joined the GHM team in 2019 after being aware of GHM since 2012, which was when I married my husband, Fehy. My family has been connected with GHM longer than that though as my father-in-law, DR. Charles Rabemahefa, has been the Chief Dentist at Dodoma Christian Medical Center in Tanzania for over a decade. GHM has sent medical supplies to Tanzania for his dental clinic. I have heard and seen first hand from him and others how critical GHM's medical supplies are, and how they have affected, and even saved, lives. That has always resonated and been encouraging to me. Believing that GHM should be known by everyone, I came on as the Social Media coordinator to help spread the word about the good that is coming from this place. 

I am a mother to four beautiful daughters and after our second daughter was born with Down Syndrome, became active with our local Down Syndrome Association and community, where I volunteer as a Parent Group Facilitator, and admin for an online parent support group. I also love spending time with my family, our local Malagasy community here in the Twin Cities, and remain active at our local church. 

Being married to a Malagasy man has expanded my palate for some wonderful foods, sosoa or vary being one of the daily staples. I also love fresh mofo, mof akondro to be specific, but also love foods from other parts of Africa. I could never say no to mandazi from Tanzania, matoke from Uganda, spicy pepper sauce from the Ivory Coast, and love some good doro wot and injera from Ethiopia.

One of the most profound bible verses that has stuck with me during my teen and adult life is Romans 8:28, "and we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."

Ashley Rabemahefa

social media coordinator