Thank you for your interest in requesting help or partnership from Global Health Ministries!  Perhaps you are already among our international partners…or perhaps you just found out about GHM…or maybe you visited a country where needs were great and you would like to lift that place up to GHM.
Whatever brought you to this page, we’re glad you’re here.
At Global Health Ministries we try to do our mission well, which means there are many things we cannot do.  Our mission is to continue the holistic ministry of Jesus Christ by partnering with Lutheran efforts globally to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the communities served.
To help us understand how our mission fits with the need on your heart, please download and fill out this simple form to get the conversation started.  We call this our “Initial Checklist.”  Once we receive this checklist someone will contact you to discuss the next steps we feel are appropriate to take.
God bless you!
Together in Christ,
Rev. Douglas Cox
Executive Director