Global Health Ministries
To continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by enhancing the health care programs of Lutheran Churches in other countries.

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Anosy Villages Integrated Action Project. Based both on growing consensus regarding best practices for development initiatives and a broadened definition of health to include evangelism, education, clean water and sanitation, modern agricultural practices, traditional primary health services and access to credit through micro-lending programs. PROJECT 48IV-G2050. Goal: $54,000.



Goal: $54,000.

The AVIA project staff will assess needs and plan responses with village residents in all these areas, one village at a time. A distinctive feature of the project’s resource stewardship will be how it builds upon and integrates the strengths of already-existing programs of the Church, NGOs, government and business entities to enhance their functioning and collaboration, and avoid duplication.

                     Anosy village children served by AVIA

Achievements in 2009-11 included housing renovations for Manatantely Bible School Students and Director, outreach health services and bed nets for student families, training in cottage industries for students’ spouses and in public health and agricultural practices for students. Start-up kits will be awarded to each graduate to enhance their self-sufficiency as they begin their new ministries. New latrines needed to improve sanitation at the school were constructed, and a latrine project at the Neni Lava Toby in Fort Dauphin will also be undertaken this year. Beginning this year, the team will move from one village to the next within the Anosy region (North and West of Fort Dauphin) in the process of assessing and addressing identified needs for improvements in community health.