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“Global Health Ministries continues the holistic ministry of Jesus Christ by partnering with Lutheran efforts globally to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of the communities served”


2015 Annual Conference - Register Now!

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GHM's 2015 Conference will be held SaturdayOctober 10 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in South Minneapolis. This year's theme is "Where do YOU Fit? Becoming a Champion for Mission." Learn more and Register here!


Select a Project for Support

Global Health Ministries works to ship, equip and empower mission hospitals and clinics of Lutheran Churches in 30 countries. These Churches send specific requests for funding and supplies in order to maintain and strengthen their capacity to provide hope and healing to the poor. We have the opportunity to engage in global health mission and be instruments of God’s grace by donating to general or specific projects.

Click here to download Projects for Funding brochure (pdf)

This year, GHM plans to make 14 shipments of medical supplies and equipment to 24 hospitals in nine countries. These shipments often make the difference between whether a hospital remains open or closes.  

Volunteers at our warehouse will gather, sort, repair, catalog, pack and ship these supplies. The items range from needles, syringes and bandages to incubators, ultra sound and operating tables. Suitcases filled with medical supplies for mission teams will also be included in these shipments, as part of our Suitcase Ministry.

Sending one 8 x 8 x 20 foot container is approximately $12,000. GHM’s goal for 2015 is to raise $241,050 to help with the shipping program.

Anyone can make a donation to a specific shipment or to the program at large. ELCA synods are encouraged to adopt a shipment to their companion church as part of their global mission commitment. You will find a shipping project number under most countries or you may use 99-S0000 Shipping. The shipments and suitcases cannot go out without your help!

Projects Approved for Funding


04-G0000  Bangladesh: Shipping of medical supplies and equipment and support for Dumki and Lamb Hospitals.

04-P2200 Bangladesh: Livingstone School Project. Facilities and programs that will enhance the health of the people in northwest Bangladesh by providing clean water, sanitation facilities and space for educational programs that promote literacy, good nutrition and preventive health. 


09-S0000 Cameroon: Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $35,000

09GB-C0115 Cameroon: Garoua Boula Lutheran Hospital plans construction of a new 14-bed pediatric ward, expansion of laboratory service, and addition of an HIV Unit with a Well Baby Clinc and Prenatal Unit.  Goal: $235,000

09NG-C0120 Cameroon: Ngaoundere Hospital OR Expansion. Surgical suites under construction will enhance the sustainability of this Lutheran hospital by expanding surgical services performed by a specialist in urology. $20,000


10EM-S0000 Central African Republic: Shipping of medical supplies and equipment to the new Gallo health center. $10,000

10EM-P0000 CAR: Emmanuel Health Center at Gallo. The dream of the Church and the people of the Gallo  region where no other health services exists, a new primary health care center with extensive village outreach programs has now opened. We are committed to help support operating expenses for at least ten years. $75,000


17-G3100 El Salvador: Village Health and Development.  A new nation-wide model village development project responding to needs identified by the community and training 250 village health workers to promote the health and well-being of their families and communities, and prevent disease before it happens.  Goal: $28,000


18AI-S0000 - Aira Hospital Shipping of medical supplies and equipment and general operations.  An important initiative to fully refurbish a critically important mission hospital in a remote and poor region of west central Ethiopia.  $20,000

18AI-E4500 Three year program for the Aira School of Nursing Midwifery training. $20,000


20-D6015 Health Promotion - Training village health workers to provide health education and local disease prevention assessments as part of the ministry of ILAG, the Lutheran Church in Guatemala, with its village congregations. $2,500


32PA-C6100 India: Parkijuli Hospital Development project. Demand for services is growing at this impressive mission hospital in the foothills of the Himalayas of Northern India.  Renovations and expansion of the surgery is needed.  Goal: $28,589


46-S0000 Liberia: Shipping of medical supplies and equipment.  $16,000

46PH-P0000 Liberia: Phebe Hospital Recovery. Funds contributed will assist the operations and continuing development of the hospital. Gifts may be given in any amount.

46CU-P0000 Liberia:Curran Hospital Recovery. Funds contributed will assist the operations and continuing development of the hospital. Gifts may be given in any amount.

46-M7513 Liberia: CHAL Renewal Consultation. The Christian Health Association of Liberia will undergo rebuilding of its governance and management capacities to support the healing ministries of Liberian churches. $5,000


48-S0000 Madagascar: Shipping of medical supplies/equipment. A first-ever shipment to the Southern hospitals of Manambaro and Ejeda, plus area dispensaries, is planned for this year. $17,000

48IA-Q0000  Madagascar: Ivory Antsimo ENT Clinic.  A new specialty clinic is opening and requests surgical instruments.  Goal: $4,500

48RC-C6202 Madagascar: Rural Clinic support for solar energy projects for 8 centers. $18,720

48SF-P5005 Maintenance coverage on vehicle for SEFAM Nursing School. $2,889

48SF-E4001 Madagascar: Nursing Scholarships. The Malagasy Lutheran Church offers a three-year nursing training course for 25 carefully selected students, and is establishing an expanded training center  in Antsirabe. Goal: $20,896

48SF-E4300 Madagascar: Rural Clinic Nurse Training Sponsorships. Incentive grants to nursing students committing to serve a rural clinic after graduation. $5,000

48RC-P0000 Madagascar: Rural Clinic Support. Salary subsidies for the struggling clinics on the front lines for health care in the most remote areas of the country greatly assisting them to become self-sufficient.  Patients are very poor and financial assistance is needed to make care possible. $34,818

48-D6000 Madagascar: Pharmacotherapy for Mentally Ill. A unique nation-wide religious renewal movement created “Tobys” which serve the mentally ill with medical and spiritual care. GHM subsidizes the medications and support given to the Tobys by Lutheran physicians and nurses. $24,181

48IV-G2050 Madagascar: Anosy Integrated Village Development Program (AVIA). An initiative in Southern Madagascar that works with village health committees to assess needs and organize efforts in primary health, sanitation and clean water, education, evangelism and small business development. Local government, NGO and church resources are integrated to achieve village objectives to enhance the “health and well-being” of the poor in one village at a time. $54,881

48SA-P6400 Madagascar: SALFA Renewal. Funds will be used to finish a 5-year goal of accompanying SALFA, the health department of the Malagasy Lutheran Church, into a self-sustaining business plan and renewal of mission in service to the church's health care providers.$25,000

48EJ-P0000 Madagascar: Ejeda Hospital. Provides  subsidy for supplies, equipment and operations of this important mission hospital in an impoverished region unable to support its operating costs. $28,000

48IA-Q0000  Madagascar: Ivory Antsimo ENT Clinic. A new specialty clinic is opening and requests surgical instruments.  Goal: $4,500


57-S0000 Nigeria: Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $17,000

57HD-P0000 Nigeria Community-based Primary Health Care Development Program. An exciting new initiative in the Adamawa State of Northeastern Nigeria includes Mobile health teams, training of village health workers, renovation of dispensaries, extensive wells projects and malaria prevention through women’s groups in local villages, and equipping a hospital and training center.

57HDW-D9000  Nigeria: Water and Wells. Lutheran Church of Christ project to bring clean water to people of the Adamawa State. Goal: $40,100


60EL-S0000 Papua New Guinea. Shipping of medical supplies/equipment to ELC-PNG hospitals and dispensaries.  $12,000

60IM-P0000 Papau New Guinea: Immanuel Lutheran (LCMS mission) Hospital Shipping.  $13,700


79MD-C0000 Tanzania: Maasai Dispensary Capital Developments. A program to maintain the 14 Maasai dispensaries of the Arusha Diocese. Financial support is needed to improve the buildings and equipment. Gifts may be given in any amount.

79MD-P0000 Tanzania:Maasai Dispensary Operations. An ELCA missionary doctor is assisting in the operation of 14 dispensaries which serve the Maasai people in an area the size of the state of Iowa. Gifts may be given in any amount.

79MD-E1000 Tanzania: Maasai Dispensaries Continuing Education. Serving a remote and region, experienced staff are retained by providing a training program to upgrade skills and insure continuity of medical services. $11,000  

79AL-C0100 Tanzania: Construction of ALMC/Arusha Lutheran Medical Center. A new hospital adjacent to the Arusha Town Clinic. It is meeting the growing needs of this expanding city and add an important Christian witness through increased access for the poor to the highest quality medical care. Gifts may be given in any amount.

79AL-E1000 Tanzania: Continuing Education. Arusha Lutheran Medical Center is providing continuing education for doctors and nurses in a variety of specialty courses. $30,000

79AL-P3020 Tanzania: ALMC/Selian Pediatric  Projects. A new pediatrician and infectious disease doctor, Stephen Swanson, has joined the staff of Selian and Arusha Lutheran Medical Center as a long-term ELCA missionary.  Donations will finance projects under his direction, including: medicines and supplies, support for the malnourished kids admitted to Selian, equipment and supplies for the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, and developing the Pediatric team. Gifts may be given in any amount.

79AL-P3000 Tanzania: Fistula Surgery Program.  Supports surgical and support services for affected women.  Gifts in any amount may be given. 

79AL-D7005  Tanzania:  Rape and Sexual Assault Program. An initiative to address the all-too-common hidden trauma and injustice of officially disregarded incidents of sexual assault.  Arusha Lutheran Medical Center will offer counseling and advocacy services combined with community/church education.  

79AL-P3002  Tanzania: ALMC Plaster House. A new surgical rehabilitation program for disabled children.

79SL-P0000 Tanzania: Selian Hospital. Funds contributed to support the on-going development of health care at Selian Hospital. Gifts may be given in any amount.

79SL-F0000  Tanzania: Selian Hospital Poor Fund. Makes possible service to those who cannot affford to pay all or part of the cost of their health care.  Gifts may be given in any amount.

79-Q1503 Tanzania: ELCT Equipment Protection project. An investment in protection against the damaging effects of power surges to save costly medical equipment and improve patient care in all 20 hospitals of the Tanzanian Lutheran Church.

TANZANIA Hospitals - Shipping

79BL-S000 Tanzania: Bulongwa Hospital. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment.  $16,500

79BU-S0000 Tanzania: Bumbuli Hospital. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $16,500

79DO-S0000 Tanzania: Dodoma. A multi-year hospital development project currently supporting shipping of medical supplies and equipment.$16,500

79PE-S0000 Tanzania: Pare Diocese Health Care. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $16,500

79HA-S0000 Tanzania: Haydom Hospital. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $16,500

79IA-S0000 Tanzania: Iambi Hospital. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment.  $16,500

79IL-S0000 Tanzania: Ilembula Hospital. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $16,500

79IU-S0000 Tanzania: Ilula Hospital.  Shipping of medical supplies and equip-ment. $16,500

79LU-S0000 Tanzania: Lugala. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $16,500

79MA-S0000 Tanzania: Machame Hospital. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $16,500

79ND-S0000 Tanzania: Ndolage. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $17,500

79NK-S0000 Tanzania: Nkoaranga Hospital. Shipping of medical supplies and equipment. $16,500

79AL-S0000 Tanzania: Arusha Lutheran Medical Center and Selian Hospital. Shipping of medical supplies/equipment. $45,000


88-S0000  Zimbabwe  Shipping. Responding to a desperate appeal from Lutheran hospitals in this troubled country, two shipments of medical supplies and equipment. $45,000


END-PR Endowment Fund. A managed fund providing funds in support of Global Health Ministries mission in perpetuity. Details available.

KAIROS Kairos Mission Appeal. This two -year campaign will launch a new era in mission through which we will build up the capacity of our partners to better manage their health care programs, deliver lasting, measurable improvements to community health, and thus sustain the healing ministry of Christ’s love and grace for the poor.  $270,000


Gifts may be given to GHM without designation to any country.  The giving code is GEN, “to be used where most needed.” You may also tell us which country you want to support and indicate “to be used where most needed.”


99-F0000  Charity General - Your gifts assist hospitals and clinics to cover the medical costs for patients who are too poor to pay.  You may designate your gifts to the country of your choice.

99-S0000  Medical equipment and supplies. - To help provide new medical equipment and needed supplies for Lutheran hospitals where requested. Goal: $22,000

99DE-Q0020  Dental Supplies and Equipment. A project to replenish essential supplies to assure continuation of dental services for the poor. $10,000

99-S0003  Hospice Kit Support: to provide partners with grants to purchase medications needed by hospice care patients and to help cover shipping expenses.

99-S0002  Newborn Kits Shipping: Donations to this project will help cover the costs of shipping thousands of midwife kits every year to our overseas partners in Lutheran health care.

99-Q0034  First Aid Kits: A new project to produce first aid kits for a growing number of village health worker programs around the world.

99-D5000   Malaria bednets (mosquito nets). Several countries have programs to provide mosquito nets at subsidized costs to schools, hospitals and the general populace. Cost varies per country ($5 - $10/net) Included is training of village health workers to promote proper use of nets, monitor disease incidence and insure timely treatment, especially for pregnant women and children under 5. Gifts may be given in any amount.

99-D9000  Safe Water.  Impure water supplies result in many illnesses. GHM seeks to assist health care facilities and communities in developing clean water sources. Gifts may be given in any amount.

99-M5000  Travel grants for students preparing for health professions. GHM provides $1,500 “Travel Assistance” grants to health professions students serving one quarter rotations in an overseas Lutheran Hospital. Goal: $6,000.

99-M7500  Short-term Mission Volunteers. Provides partial subsidies for expenses incurred by volunteers recruited by GHM in response to requests from overseas Lutheran health care partners for short-term training, service and program development projects. Gifts may be given in any amount.

95-A5000-GHAP: Global Health Administration Partners partners with mission hospital administrators to enhance their practices in health care management through the involvement of qualified volunteers on consultation and training teams. GHAP’s vision is to build a worldwide network of health administrators dedicated to creating, supporting and maintaining sustainable faith-based health facilities. For more information, see



There are many ways to get involved in the mission of Global Health Ministries.

We invite you now to explore the possibilities through the options presented below.


Volunteer Locally

Volunteer locally at Global Health Ministries. We are growing in mission and there is a place for everyone at GHM!

URGENT: GHM has a need for more volunteers to help with our newsletter. The last Wednesday of every other month volunteers are needed to collate the newsletter that is sent to over 13,000 GHM supporters. Please join us for 3-4 hours, which includes coffee, treats, and conversation, starting at 9am.

Mailing Dates:
May 19, 2015
June 5, 2015
August 12, 2015
September 23, 2015
November 4th & 18th, 2015
January 27, 2016 

Please call Wanda @ 763-586-9590 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested. Thank you!

URGENT: GHM has a need for more fine sort volunteers in our warehouse. We have a surplus of medical supplies already sorted by category, but need to be further sorted and inventoried. Our fine sorting room is clean and well organized, but is missing YOU to help us fulfill our mission and the critical needs of our partners overeas. Background in nursing is ideal! Please join us Tuesdsay, Wednesday, or Thursday from 9am to 2pm, Tuesday evenings from 5-8pm, or other hours/days if available. Please call the GHM office at 763-586-9590 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thanks!

Read more: Volunteer Locally


HELP WANTED: Donation Receiving Volunteers

Yes!  You can be there at the beginning of it all! Right at the door to welcome people with items to donate! Right there to be the first to handle a life giving gift that will go somewhere in the world to save a life! Right there with a smile and a thank you and an occasional puzzled look that says, “What’s that thing?”

Read more: HELP WANTED: Donation Receiving Volunteers


Short-Term Missions Through Global Health Administration Partners

Our partners often identify practices in health care administration and governance that they would like to learn more about or strengthen. One way in which GHM responds to requests for such assistance is to send qualified teams of volunteers to provide training and consultation services. We regularly assess the need for and then recruit and send people with expertise in every facet of health care services and hospital management for training and consultation missions when asked by partner churches overseas.

The GHM program that manages this service is called Global Health Administration Partners (GHAP). Often, a companion church will benefit less from money than from the knowledge and encouragement imparted by a professional who can assist them to grow in capacity to serve their people and manage their health ministry. In fact, if you work just about anywhere in a hospital or health care program, chances are there is an overseas Lutheran hospital or health care program that could benefit from your training, gifts and experience. For more information, visit the GHAP website at or call us at 763-586-9590.

Below is a report from John Carrico, Systems Director for Supply Chain Operations at Fairview Health Services, on a recent visit to Madagascar.



Join the Community-Based Primary Health Care Interest Group

The purpose of the Community Based Primary Health Care (CBPHC) Interest Group is to gather and share information, experiences and resources on CBPHC, and to learn from mutual consultation and analysis, regarding implementation/application of CBPHC in and with GHM’s various partnerships and projects.

The CBPHC Interest Group is open to any interested persons. We’re interested in adding to the membership of this Interest Group (names on list serve for email, and invitation to join teleconference calls). Please forward this to others that you think may be interested. To join the list serve, just go to: , pick a password and complete the form. Then you’ll receive news of future calls.

The CBPHC Interest Group also has a facebook group page to reach out to a broader audience and to facilitate communication between teleconference calls. Put “Community Based Primary Health Care – GHM” in the search line of your facebook page and you should see a “request to join” option. Click on it and the request will get accepted.

The CBPHC Interest Group is guided by GHM’s CBPHC Advisory Group, which also makes recommendations to the board and staff of GHM regarding CBPHC matters. The membership of the Advisory Group is listed under the “People” section below, along with the small steering group which plans and schedules teleconference calls.

Read more: Join the Community-Based Primary Health Care Interest Group


Dental Missions

Dental clinics overseas often receive old, inappropriate, or incomplete equipmet from donors with good intentions. Instead of sending more of the same, GHM is committed to sending reliable and effective dental equipment and supplies to our partners overseas.

Read more: Dental Missions


GHM/ELCA Companion Synod Collaboration in Global Health Mission

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America established years ago the Companion Synod Program that pairs synods of the ELCA with Church bodies in other countries.  There is tremendous potential for enhancing hope and healing for the people of your companion synod overseas when medical mission becomes a component of these church-to-church relationships.  Read on if you would like to learn how Global Health Ministries can collaborate with you in developing this emphasis in global health mission.

Read more: GHM/ELCA Companion Synod Collaboration in Global Health Mission


Shipping Campaign

Thank you for making 2014 a great year for GHM Shipping! We loaded and shipped 10 containers (20' & 40'), 2 air freight shipments to Liberia, partnered with others to ship 2 x 40' containers of food (Rice/Soy) to Liberia in support of the Ebola Treatment Centers, multiple pallets & trailer-loads to other Christian organizations doing medical missions (TECH), and over 75 suitcases and hand carry items by travelers going overseas. Over $1,688,462 worth of medical supplies and equipment! Praise God!

In 2015, we are hoping to do more! 14 container shipments are planned, and we are already busy filling suitcases and sourcing priority items for our partners. These items are of immeasurable assistance to Lutheran health care programs overseas, often making the difference between continuing or closing. GHM's goal is to raise $241,050 for the shipping program. Please consider a generous donation in support of GHM Shipping. Project 99-S0000 Shipping.

Read more: Shipping Campaign


Kairos Appeal Begins New Era in Mission

A joyful dinner gathering of Global Health Ministries' supporters at Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley was the setting for the kick-off of the Kairos Mission Appeal on May 28th, 2014.  The two-year appeal will raise $270,000 to enhance congregational and individual involvement in the healing ministry of Jesus, expand health care management consultations with partner Lutheran Churches to strengthen their sustainability and effectiveness in improving community health.  

Read more: Kairos Appeal Begins New Era in Mission


A Scale for Mama Mollel

Mama Mary Mollel is responsible for maternal and child health at Ilboru Dispensary, part of the health care system of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). There are about 30 people waiting to see the medical officer on a Monday morning. They wait patiently outside, sitting on the grass or on benches along the outdoor corridor. The pregnant women will be given an antimalarial drug. Malaria infection during pregnancy can affect the placenta, and lead to anemia for the moms, and dangerously low birth-weights for their babies.

Read more: A Scale for Mama Mollel


Shipping News

On the last Saturday in February, a group of volunteers gathered at GHM’s warehouse to load a 40’ container, now bound for beautiful Liberia. It was a labor of love, and so many gathered that the labor was light. The Bloomington, Minnesota conference of ELCA congregations was moved to do something to address the Ebola crisis in Liberia, and joined together to sponsor a shipment of much-needed supplies, and also food donated by Kids Fighting Hunger. Volunteers from Christ the King, Grace, St. Stephen and Transfiguration Lutheran Churches were joined by members from Ebenezer Community Church, the church home for many Liberian immigrants in the Minneapolis area. 

Read more: Shipping News


The B-Line

Bed pillows are always needed overseas and GHM needs help collecting NEW PILLOWS IN THE ORIGINAL WRAPPINGS. Used pillows cannot be shipped overseas due to the risk of contamination, especially upper respiratory conditions. As always we want to provide the best we can for our partners. Good quality pillows are inexpensive and can be purchased at any department store. This is a great project for VBS or Sunday School. A Bible story or an activity can be built around the pillow theme, and children - or adults - can be encouraged to bring a new pillow. Or it can be a project for any person or group that is looking for a mission project.

Read more: The B-Line


GHM Scholarship Recipient Jessica

Last month, GHM provided a scholarship to a third-year medical student at the University of Minnesota to help her participate in a 6-week rotation at Ilula Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania. Jessica’s particular interest is in Fetal and Maternal Health Care, and she was able to do Obstetric and Maternal rounds at Ilula. She learned how to give a prenatal exam at the mobile maternal health clinic, measuring fundal height, checking for anemia and learning the schedule on which anti-malarial and anti-parasitic medications are given. “Nothing in the world is like examining a pregnant mother or a newborn baby,” she said.

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Volunteer Medical Professionals Needed in Fight Against Ebola

In all the news about the Ebola crisis in West Africa, it is clear that the health care systems of the affected countries have been overwhelmed, and there is little likelihood that illness and death on a disastrous scale can be avoided without outside assistance from governments, NGOs and individuals.

Read more: Volunteer Medical Professionals Needed in Fight Against Ebola


GHM Mission Partners Advance through Jamkhed Training

For more than seven years, GHM has piloted development initiatives in Community-based Primary Health Care with church partners in Nigeria and Madagascar.  This week, fifteen of the health program leaders from both countries will attend a three-week training institute of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP) based in Jamkhed, India.

Read more: GHM Mission Partners Advance through Jamkhed Training


Jamkhed Model Empowers Renewal of Health Care

It’s night on a high and dry plateau in the Indian state of Maharashtra. A village health worker (VHW) hears that a neighbor woman is having a difficult delivery. Although Rambhatai had been a trusted and much-respected VHW for a number of years, she had not been called to assist this delivery.

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