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Aira Hospital

Aira Hospital Shipping of Medical Supplies and Equipment  (GHM Project # 18AI-P0001) An important initiative to fully refurbish this mission hospital critical to the remote and poor region of West Central Ethiopia.  Goal: $15,000



Members of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd and Our Redeemer Oromo Lutheran
                           Church completing first shipment to Aira Hospital

This is the first-ever GHM support to the remote central Ethiopian mission hospital of
the Mekane Yesus Church in the city of Aira. A complete refurbishment of the hospital's
surgical suite is planned, together with hospital beds, furnishings and basic supplies.
Initiated as a part of its mission program by the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
and Our Redeemer Oromo Evangelical Church in Minneapolis, partners from throughout
the US with a heart for Ethiopia and the desperate needs of its people are invited to join
in achieving this challenging goal!

                                                    Entrance to Aira Hospital

In the morning, a hundred people are lined up at the front gate, waiting to be treated.
Some of them have walked for hours or days to Aira, a small town in western Ethiopia,
to be treated by the dedicated staff at the Aira Hospital. Aira Hospital is one of only a
few full-service hospitals between Khartoum and Addis Ababa. A dedicated staff serves thousands of patients per year, providing surgical services otherwise unavailable, with
as many as 250 outpatient visits per day and 80 in-patient beds. All this is done with
dated equipment that sometimes functions only with the assistance of jerry-rigging
and prayers.


  German Missionary Surgeon Dr. Erichsen pointing
    to the surgical table to be replaced by the GHM 

Originally established and funded by German missionaries, the Aira Hospital now struggles to keep its doors open. There are no funds for upgrading equipment.  Although much of the equipment needed is available from Global Health Ministries, other equipment will need to be purchased, including an otoscope, ophthalmoscope, sigmoidscope, gastroscope, cystoscope, bronchoscope, fetal Doppler, vacuum extractor, portable x-ray machine, oxygen concentrator, surgical table with lights, and autoclave, for a total of approximately $30,000. In addition, the shipping costs are approximately $15,000 to Aira.